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Travel Luggage – Choosing the Right Bag for Your Journey

If you've ever shopped for travel luggage, then you know you have some big decisions to make.

Travel LuggageWith so many different types of bags, packs and suitcases to choose from, you may find yourself wondering: “what's the difference?” and “which one do I need?” Don't be intimidated by all the options.

Searching for the perfect luggage is all part of the experience of traveling, so it can be fun and exciting when you know what to look for. 

All it takes is a few considerations about your trip (where you're headed, what you'll need, how long you'll be there, and so on), and a quick understanding of the various bags available to you.

Let's take a look at some of the most common types of travel luggage to help you find what you need.

Types of Travel Luggage  
Rolling Upright

If you're planning a getaway that will require several changes of clothes and lots of other gear, then you'll need a large bag with easily mobility. A large rolling upright is the perfect option. The sturdy wheels on the bottom of the bag will help you roll it with ease through airport corridors, parking lots and cobblestone streets. 

Some bags even have four wheels for even easier mobility. Remember: if you're flying, any travel luggage that is bigger than carry-on size will need to be checked. 

Travel Backpacks
Big adventures call for big backpacks that you can carry easily on your hips. These bags are ideal for longer treks and backpacking trips, as well as city-to-city travel. They're designed to go where ordinary rolling uprights can't, which makes them perfect for camping, hiking and other metropolis adventures. 

Look for extra features like reflective trim for safety, and additional zip-off packs for day trips. Some backpacks also have wheels for greater mobility on flat ground – we called these wheeled backpacks.

Duffels & Gear Bags
Available in a wide variety of sizes for many different uses, duffel bags have come a long way over the years. They are known for their cylindrical shape with a handle in the middle, so you can carry it at your side. But today's duffel bags also come with retractable handles, wheels and other features to make your travel even smoother.

Travel LuggageLightweight Carry-Ons
If you're flying, then this travel luggage is a must! Airlines have tight restrictions on the size of bags you can bring on a plane, but you'd be surprised at how much you can fit in today's carry-ons. Like the luggage pieces above, carry-ons can have retractable handles, shoulder straps, wheels and other features for mobility, while offering a compact size with smart compartments for all your essential gear.

Everyday Bags
Messenger bags, couriers, handbags, waist packs, laptop bags – these are all types of luggage you may need during your everyday activities. Simply choose the bag that fits your stuff (and your style) best!

Pack-It™ System from Eagle Creek
Eagle Creek's Pack-It system consists of special packing folders and cubes that help you compress the load within your bags, maximize packing space, keep clothes flat, and organize your stuff more efficiently.


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