Travel Tips and Packing Lists

Travel Accessories: Gifts for Any Budget

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a traveler on your list, Eagle Creek travel accessories are thoughtful and good for any budget.  Accessories are all the little things, easily forgotten, that make a journey smoother and more enjoyable. For example, under-clothing security items and locks ensure your stuff remains your stuff. Comfort items like a lavender-scented lotion or a travel pillow help you arrive rested and relaxed.  Here are a few tips on picking the right travel accessories.

More than Money Belts

Whether a leg wallet or money belt, it’s important to keep your Passport, currency, credit cards and ID hidden and close to your body at all times. We make an array of under-clothing travel security solutions, from neck wallet to hidden pocket and bra stash. They come in silk and performance fabrics depending on your personal preference.

  • If traveling with a lot of currency or travel documents, an Undercover™ Money Belt DLX is a great solution for securely carrying important paperwork.
  • When wearing pants or shorts, attach the Undercover™ Hidden Pocket easily to your belt. It’s a great travel solution to carry money, credit cards and a Passport.
  • If looking for a gift for a female traveler, consider wearing our new Undercover™ Bra Stash to keep money, ID and a credit card close.

Travel Bag Security

Luggage locks keep prying hands out of  a bag and ID tags ensure you can spot your stuff on the luggage carrousel. When choosing a travel lock, there are certain things to keep in mind. Combination locks are best so you don’t have to keep up with a key. Also, opt for a travel lock that’s lightweight and TSA friendly.

  • TSA baggage screeners have a special set of tools to open Travel Sentry™ Certified locks when necessary for inspection – without damaging the lock.
  • Pick up the SignalSearch TSA Lock® which lets you know if your lock has been opened by the TSA.
  • 3-dial combination locks ensure you won’t misplace your key.

Luggage straps and luggage tags are great for identifying your bag from afar. A bright or contrasting color ID tag will help with visibility. Use a business card with your work contact instead of your home address for security purposes.

Pack Extra

Packables are also a good idea when traveling. Whether a packable tote, backpack or duffel, bring an extra bag that can easily be packed down to a small size until needed. Whether you pick up more than you left with or spend an afternoon shopping at the local markets, you’ll never regret throwing in an extra bag.

Personal Identification

A travel wallet needs to meet daily organization and security needs. We recommend the Curbside Bi-Fold Wallet, perfect for all kinds of travel. For a versatile feminine option, pick up the Susie Clutch or Robyn Wallet. These wallets have a detachable strap, providing a convenient option for shoulder carry.

Travel Comfort

Rest is a key ingredient to ensure sanity on any long trip, so a travel pillow and other comfort items are crucially important. Choosing your pillow depends on your mode of transportation and personal preference. For example, a rectangular Cat Nap Transit Pillow provides more versatility if riding on a train or staying in a hostel. If flying, a traditional neck pillow may do just the trick, - just try it out first to make sure you get one that fits you. The Sandman Travel Pillow provides custom support for any preference. Eyeshades and travel earplugs are small but essential items that show the traveler on your list you understand the value of a good night sleep.

And whether you find yourself traveling near or far, we hope this holiday season finds you surrounded by people you love. From our Creeker family to yours, Happy Holidays!