Travel Tips and Packing Lists

Ten Days in a Carry-on

If you’re like most travelers today, you probably want to carry on as much as possible when tackling airline travel.  But 10 days… sound impossible? We’re here to help.  Our complete travel system includes Pack-It™ Cubes, Folders and Sacs to help compress and organize your clothes while keeping them wrinkle-free.

First, pick your carry-on. We suggest thinking of things like weight and organization when determining what bag is right for you. Our EC Adventure 22 Upright and Tarmac 22 are great lightweight choices with convenient internal organization.

Lay out all the clothing you anticipate you will need for your trip. Opt for clothes that stay relatively wrinkle-free and transition well from day to night. If you’re going on a 10 day trip, take no more than 8 shirts and 3-4 pairs of pants or skirts in complimentary colors so they can easily be mixed and matched.

For items that need to be folded, grab a Pack-It Folder 15 or 18, depending on clothing size, and follow the simple instructions on the folding board. This will keep your items compressed and wrinkle-free. For workout clothes, a scarf or wrap (which we suggest as a great accessory), underwear, socks, etc, we recommend rolling these items to keep them compact. Place your workout clothes in a Pack-It™ 2-Sided Cube so you can later put dirty clothes on one side and clean on the other. A Pack-It™ Tube Cube or Half Cube work great for socks and lovely “unmentionables”.

Shoes. It’s important to make smart choices when it comes to shoes, as they tend to be quite the space hog. Running shoes can be put in a Shoe Sac. A couple of great pairs of kicks, maybe flats and one pair of heels can share one to two Shoe Sacs to separate the dirty from the clean. Wear your bulkiest pair of shoes when traveling. And for the germ conscious: don’t forget to wear socks when traveling so that you’re feet don’t have to touch the floor during TSA screening.

Toiletry needs vary widely from person to person. When carrying on, use a Pack-It™ Travel Bottle Set to avoid having that expensive shampoo or hair product confiscated by TSA security screening. The Wallaby is great for those who require a little more room, and the Quick Trip for those who require less. As for a hair dryer, we suggest you call ahead to see if there will be one available to you at your hotel.

Check the weather one last time before you go to be sure there are not unexpected thunderstorms or cold fronts. Then you’ll know if you need to throw in a travel umbrella or rain jacket.