Travel Tips and Packing Lists

Packing for Smart Organized Travel

Savor the end of summer with a great family trip. Whether you’re loading the kids in the car, hopping on a plane, or catching a train, Eagle Creek has some family travel tips to help you arrive in style while making the most of your packing space.

The Pack-It™ System lends sanity to family travel. Packing Cubes, Folders, Sacs and Compression Sacs all help to fit more stuff in less space with fewer wrinkles, separate dirty from clean, and generally bring organization to your bags and luggage.

Here’s an idea: If packing for the whole family, try a large capacity duffel bag or piece of rolling luggage. Then color-coordinate Pack-It™ Folders, Cubes and Sacs with each member of the family to easily identify what belongs to whom. This way you can be sure Jack (Blue) gets a clean t-shirt and Lauren (Red) gets her favorite jeans.

Other smart travel tips for families on the road:

One of the best things about the Pack-It™ System is that it’s totally customizable. Some people prefer Folders because they like to fold all their clothes, still others like to roll their clothes and put them in Cubes. So whatever your packing preferences are, there’s a Pack-It™ piece for you and your family.

Watch our Pack-It™ video for more tips on organizing your clothing, luggage and accessories.