Travel Tips and Packing Lists

Packing for College

The big adventure of college is just around the corner. The freedom, the fun, (and yes), the studying, await you. You’ve lived at home for a long time and have a lot of stuff to get into your dorm room.  It’s time to get you packed and organized. Eagle Creek recommends using some seriously big bags to get the job done. A few No Matter What™ Duffels will do the trick.

Using the Pack-It™ System inside your bags will help you organize all of your things; it’s almost like using mobile drawers. Pack-It™ Folders and Cubes minimize wrinkles and hold things like pants, shirts and shorts. We recommend a Pack-It™ Toiletry Kit to store all your bathroom necessities since most dorms share a community bathroom. Don’t forget you’ll need to be organized for your classes too. Pack-It™ Sacs are great for organizing school supplies, and Protect-It™ Cubes work well for electronics and cords. The Pack-It™ System helps you protect your things, and keeps them organized and in their place.

Use Mesh Stuffer Sets for socks and underwear, just load them up and the mesh material allows you to see the contents. Compression Sacs are great for compacting sweatshirts, thick comforters, pillows and jackets when you don’t need them. They also serve as a good dirty clothes hamper: just throw your dirty stuff inside and compress them until you’re ready to do your laundry. 

Finally, pick up a Day Traveler™ from Eagle Creek with a laptop or tablet compartment and you’ll find it’s the ideal day bag for going to and from class.

Whether your college experience takes you down the road or across the country, Eagle Creek has travel solutions to make you journey a little easier.