Travel Tips and Packing Lists

The Gift of Surprise Travel

Travel is the secret romantic tonic that too few take advantage of. If you have any doubts about a potential significant other, get out of Dodge with them. You will quickly learn more about someone in a weekend than months in their own environs.

What’s simply magical about travel is that you are forced to notice things that, in your neighborhood, you have long since forgotten. And if you are fortunate enough to travel internationally, you can just turn that awareness-sensitivity-meter to eleven. Sights, sounds, smells, tastes all become part of the experience that give travel the potential for a life changing experience every time.

At minimum, a yearly extended 7+ day vacation is what we recommend to keep your love life tuned up. But even a weekend out of town provides much-needed time for relaxation and to re-connect. So find yourself a good wireless connection and get ready to Google.

Step 1: Make reservations for a two-day stay and go anywhere. Go to the snow. Go to the beach. Go to the desert. Find a cool B&B. Find a ritzy hotel. A great campsite. Whether you drive or fly, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you are leaving your zip code.

Step 2: Make more reservations. A guided tour, any live music, a massage, a comedy act, a great restaurant. Pack those two days full of your favorite activities but make sure to leave some down time just to walk and talk and people-watch.

Step 3: Pack a bag. We particularly think you should check out Eagle Creek travel bags and accessories. We’ve got something for everyone. Besides, shopping can be a fun extra activity.

Step 4: Make sure to cover for your traveling companion – cancel pre-scheduled appointments and make sure the pets are fed.

Step 5: Spring it on ‘em! Wait until the last second and give the gift of travel. Then give them 5 minutes to go grab a few things that they’ll really need to bring. And go to distant lands, for great adventures and breathtaking romance (cue sunset and calypso music.) Let us know how it goes.