Travel Tips and Packing Lists

Family Travel

In life, getting there is half the fun. And when the whole family comes along, ‘getting there’ can be twice the fun and a lot more eventful. The good news is that we’ve got products to help make family travel more comfortable, ensuring fun from start to finish.

If flying, we recommend a few pairs of earplugs. If you don’t use them, your neighbors may in the case of noisy passengers (i.e. screaming kids). 

Another smart trick is to have as many handy distractions as possible. A Pack-It™ Cube filled with snacks, treats, toys, cards and drinks can go a long way in occupying the little ones. All this is easily carried in any shoulder tote. Many have side pockets for baby bottles or water bottles, zippered ones for snacks, and places for books, newspapers and pens. Check out Eagle Creek’s collection of totes to find one that matches your personal style. The best part is that they don't scream, “I am a parent!”

A successful family trip often involves a variety of activities. One day it's the beach, the next day it’s an amusement park, another day it's a hike or a picnic at the perfect secluded spot. A Packable Daypack can collapse and be stuffed into luggage and serve as an indispensable carry-all for family excursions. It can even be filled with souvenirs for the trip home and be carried onto the airplane.

Looking for a large, lightweight bag that is big enough to carry a lot of stuff, including the eight stuffed animals your three year-old cannot go without? We recommend the EC Adventure Duffel 30. This bag is one of the toughest wheeled duffels on the market and has an easily accessible laundry chute.

One last thing, many hotels offer baby-sitting services. We think a night alone and a nice dinner out is the ideal way to remember why we started our beautiful families in the first place. It makes the yelling, screaming and the bathroom trips all the more tolerable on the way home.