Travel Tips and Packing Lists


This downloadable packing check list will help you stay connected and organized on the go.

All Eagle Creek gear is specified with a diamond



  • Personal Identification/Passport
  • Cash & Credit/ATM Card(s)
  • Inform bank/credit cards companies if you’re traveling abroad
  • Reservations & Itineraries
  • Hotel/Tour Contact Info
  • Hotel Loyalty/Frequent Flyer Cards
  • Transportation Tickets
  • Printed copies of Tickets/Passports/ Emergency Information

Everyday Basics


Travel Health

*Consult your health center or physician for help in planning your trip’s medication needs.

  • Personal Prescriptions
  • Pain & Fever Relievers
  • Cold Medicines
  • Allergy Medicines
  • Throat Lozenges
  • Multi-Vitamins
  • Motion Sickness Pills/Bands
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Glasses/Dry Eye Drops
  • Energy Bars & Snacks

Home Checklist

  • Check-in online with airline
  • Leave itineraries with a trusted friend
  • Pre-pay bills
  • Post Office to hold mail/Stop newspaper
  • Clean out refrigerator
  • Unplug appliances
  • Turn off heater/air conditioner
  • Turn down water heater
  • Lock all doors and windows
Download PDF Travel Checklist

Suggested Gear

Luggage & Packs

You want a carry-on to avoid baggage claim, right? Pick up a dependable carry-on with a good set of wheels and a sturdy handle.

Wheeled Carry-on – Pick up a standard 22” carry- on to eliminate the hassle of airport check-in. A 22” size is the maximum carry-on size for U.S. domestic travel – but check with your carrier to confirm.

Garment Bag – If your preference is to hang the entire bag in your hotel room closet, this is an easy choice

Wheeled Tote or Briefcase – a small sized travel bag for a quick business trip

Wheeled Carry-on Backpack – The ultimate carry- on system. Wheel your bag or wear it on your back. Zip-off the detachable backpack to use as your business bag at your destination: Switchback™.

Pack-It™ System

Stay organized anytime you’re on-the-go with the Eagle Creek Pack-It™ System.

Pack-It™ Folders – minimize wrinkles while organizing and compressing clothes

Pack-It™ Cubes – compress clothes and maximize packing space by rolling t-shirts, undergarments, and workout clothes; multiple cube sizes offer versatility

Pack-It™ Tube Cubes – fill up those extra spaces in your bag; pack socks, belts and accessories

Pack-It™ Shoe Sac – keep dirty shoes away from clean clothes

Pack-It™ Custom Travel Bottle Set – organize toiletries in your carry-on bag


Stay well-rested and comfortable. Keep your valuables away from greedy hands.

Travel Neck or Back Pillow

Eye Shade & Ear Plugs

Music Player, headphones and travel speakers

Noise-canceling headphones

Travel Alarm

Guide Books & Maps

Sewing/Clothing Care Kit

Day Travelers™

Your day bag should be comfortable, organized and stylish. Choose a bag that organizes personal items, electronics, and feels and looks good.

A Brief/Backpack Combo Bag – a bag that’s checkpoint friendly, holds a laptop, provides internal organization, converts from briefcase to backpack and slips on the handle of wheeled luggage: Dane Brief.

Backpack – for a checkpoint friendly backpack that holds a laptop, provides internal organization and slips on the handle of wheeled luggage: Conor Backpack

Business Shoulder Bag – it holds a laptop, provides internal organization and slips over the handle of your wheeled bag: Emerson Carry-All

Tip: Use Pack-It™ Cubes or Sacs for file, cord, reading material and gadget organization