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Why a Travel Pack Could Be Your Perfect Luggage

A travel pack is a great alternative to traditional luggage and suitcases, and you may find that it offers versatility that many other bags don't.

When packing for any kind of trip, whether it's a quick business trip or extended vacation abroad, you don't always need to lug around a giant rolling upright behind you. While there are plenty of practical uses for that type of bag, there are actually several more options available to you that could be a better fit for your specific journey.

Travel PackToday's travel backpacks, duffel packs and other types of duffels let you store just as much stuff, with various options for carrying them (or rolling them) comfortably, from departure to arrival and beyond.

If you're looking to make your travel a lot smoother – even before you pack your first item – then it's time to consider a travel pack for your next adventure.

Benefits of using a travel pack

Many Different Options
For starters, a travel pack isn't simply a book bag like one you used in school – although that option is available if it's right for the trip. There are many different sizes and styles available, from large camping-styling gear to smaller pack weekender bags.

Give Your Arm a Break
Traditional rolling uprights are great for long airport corridors and other flat surfaces. But as soon as your trip takes you along rougher terrain or even city streets, then suddenly those wheels aren't so useful. Backpacks, however, let you easily carry the load on your back – the strongest part of your body, so that you can free your arms and stay on the go without being slowed down by your luggage.

Some Even Roll, Too
Wheeled backpacks are also designed with wheels, making them great for airports, train stations and other areas where you just would rather pull your belongings then carry. Some also have retractable handles, just like traditional rolling uprights, for even easier mobility.

Feature Detachable Compartments & Day Packs
Some backpacks from Eagle Creek are designed with a removable day pack or waist pack.This means you can leave the bulk of your luggage at the hotel or hostel, and take a smaller pack for day trips and sightseeing. 

Extra Handles for Easy Carry
Backpacks have extra handles on top and on the side, giving you even more ways to carry and handle the bag for easy grab-and-go.

Lightweight Durable Fabrics
Even the largest gear bags can be even lighter than traditional luggage, thanks to the innovative fabrics used to manufacture them. These materials are often designed to resist water and protect your belongings from the elements.

Side Pockets Galore
Extra pockets are always a good thing, especially if you'll need quick, easy access to essential items during your trek, such as a water bottle, pocket knife, maps or other items.

Travel Pack

Find your perfect travel pack from Eagle Creek

These are only a few of the many benefits of using a travel pack and similar gear bags and we've barely scratched the surface on your options.

Shop Eagle Creek luggage to find the perfect type of bag for your future travel. Founded and run by travelers – for travelers – we take pride in designing versatile, innovative, durable luggage for every adventure, and we back it up with lifetime warranties and great customer service.

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