Favorite Products: Packing Solutions

Pack-It™ Starter Set
5 of 5 Stars
Oxnard, CA, United States
I'm a flight attendant and have been a (very) long-time user of Eagle Creek products. Hands down, these packing cubes are the ones that make my constant packing, re-packing, unpacking a real breeze: one cube for uniform items and one cube for layover clothing. At the end of the trip, one of the cubes holds all my dirties. It's funny how these packing cubes (along with folders) were introduced by Eagle Creek a long time ago and are now being imitated by every other competitor - a true sign that these have become travel staples.
Pack-It™ Garment Folder M
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San Francisco, CA, United States
Holy cow!!! Not only does it make folding easy, but it compacts like a vacuum bag w/o the hassle of manually decompressing the air. I didn't actually fold my shirts like the video, but instead laid it out open in the bag and folded the bag up.S till didn't wrinkle and able to put 15 shirts in that little bag. Best part is i use this w/my reg suitcase and able to get another 25% more space.
Pack-It™ Specter Cube Set
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Organized Mom
Hortonville, WI, United States
I was skeptical of these cubes since they weigh practically nothing, but who was I impressed with how well I could stuff these cubes with socks, underclothes, t-shirts, swimsuits and they held up beautifully. Not only that they made my packing experience more organized before, during and after my trip. These are must have for anyone who tends to over pack.
Pack-It™ Specter Cube
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Mountain Magazine
Nylon cubes weighing in at under an ounce hardly scream surefire travel solution. But the Specter Cubes organize clothes, shoes, toiletries, and gear for efficient use of luggage or pack space. Why it’s timeless: lightweight gear to make travel simpler. Endurance factor: no rips, frays or broken zippers after nine months of heavy use.
Pack-It™ Half Cube
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United States
The Pack-It Cubes by Eagle Creek work better than advertised. They are sturdy; the mesh top allows good air circulation; they conform to the space you place them in; and they are versatile. The half cubes are perfect for socks, underwear, belts, miscellaneous items for your carry-on, and any other things you want to sort and find easily later. I bought several different colors, which made finding things after several days a snap. Highly recommended for any trips, short or long.
Pack-It™ Sac Medium
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Ft. Lauderdale, FL, United States
I have used the Pack-It Sac Medium while backpacking to Honduras, Puerto Rico, India, and the UAE. It is great because it allows for easy access to your toiletries and also does not allow leakage! Even if something leaks inside the bag it cannot get out. It is very economical and compact and I hope it lasts me many more years!
Pack-It™ Garment Sleeve
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Houston, TX, United States
I think this garment sleeve is great! Packs a few dress shirts and polos easily and minimizes wrinkles. Slips right into my carryon or suitcase with ease. Highly recommend this for light travel where you want to bring a few shirts that you want to minimize wrinkles.
Pack-It™ Complete Organizer
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Houston, TX, United States
This is the most wonderful product eagle creek has ever produced. I packed for 15 days with all of my shirts, blouses, undergarments and even 2 light weight sweaters in this one piece. It fits perfect in my 22 inch eagle creek suitcase and allowed me to take one bag for my Europe trip.
A Dependable Customer Favorite
I was able to pack 12 shirts and extra jeans for myself and son and STILL get it into my smallish backpack!