Favorite Products: Luggage & Packs

Switchback™ Series
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Mike S
Ramona, CA, United States
I'm a retired Deputy Sheriff who has tested and used virtually every type of gear bag. Quite simply, the others just don't hold up like Eagle Creek products. In 1999, I purchased four Switchback systems plus a carry-on for each member of my family - and they're still going strong. Our Eagle Creek luggage has taken us on too many cross country trips to count, has been pulled across cobblestone streets in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, the Arctic Circle, and everywhere in between. All without a single problem - and we never had to check a bag due to the design of the products. The durability, quality and customer service are second to none. I highly recommend Eagle Creek to anyone wishing to simplify their travel needs.
Morphus™ Carry-On
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Bought too much stuff to fit into the single bag you brought on your last trip? The Morphus 22 from Eagle Creek resolves the problem by letting you turn one bag into two: As a single unit, it’s a rolling tote with 2,925 cubic inches of space, unzip it and pull the halves apart and you’ve got a hard back wheeled case and a separate fully functional backpack that together provide twice as much room for your new clothes an souvenirs.
ORV Trunk 30
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United States
Good day. After a lifetime of world travel, a half dozen luggage manufacturers, and dozens of suitcases later, I have finally found the travel gear of travel gear. I purchased my first piece of Eagle Creek gear (ORV Trunk 30) last year and purchased 3 more this year for the family. We just finished a 16-day trek in the jungles of Costa Rica where our gear was put to the ultimate test. In an ever-growing world of inferior product manufacturing, your gear excels. It's simply amazing and we could not be any happier!
Tarmac 28
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Raton, NM, United States
I was going through a set of luggage a year and was very tired of it. I saw the reviews and warranty on the Eagle Creek Tarmac and bought it to try out. It promptly went on a 3 month trip and has been on the travel for 200+ days a year for the past 3 years. It has survived all means of transportation and gorilla handling and is as good as new. I use it with and without the packing accessories which are also fabulous. I am throwing out my husbands luggage and ordering him the tarmacs today. I have previously bought him the large duffle for his international trips requiring lots of specialized gear. It also is still in great shape. You can't go wrong with this luggage!!
Gear Warrior™
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Outside Buyer's Guide
There are plenty of big-ass rollers around. What makes this one so great? High-quality construction, but also the little things like reflective piping for nighttime visibility, lots of haul handles and a metal hooked bungee for affixing bulky items like helmets (it was with great joy that we found that this same hook doubled as a bottle opener). Verdict: compared with the other big-haulers we tried, the Warrior was better built and more user friendly.
EC Adventure 4-Wheeled Carry-On
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Ms. G... perpetual world traveler
Cartersville, GA, United States
I do a long month and a half trip each summer. Rugged back roading, long van trips. Weekend festivals, with a conference during the year. This bag is just right for that over stuffing of camp wear. Zippers appear to be super strong and easy to zip. Material is also easy to sponge wipe for a quick clean up. I love Eagle Creek products and am still using three other bags and packs, that I have. This luggage is long lived and always ready for my next adventure! Love the horizontal opening on this new bag!! Way to go Eagle Creek!
No Matter What™ Duffel Small
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San Pedro, Honduras
This is an amazing duffel. Honestly...I can't stop looking at it. Another reviewer said it looked like something Jack Bauer would pick up from the airport. That sounded cheesy until I actually saw this thing. It is VERY HIGH QUALITY. This Eagle Creek duffel is clearly designed to last. As in "every single detail has been thought out and designed to hold up under demanding conditions for a long time." That sounds like a product ad, but it's not. It has the quality of an overpriced North Face or similar at a mere fraction of the cost. If you order this duffel, you will not be disappointed! If you are on the fence about this bag, DO IT!!!
A Dependable Customer Favorite
This is one tough little bag. It’s easy to pack and has room for everything. The handle is great and the gear grabber strap is awesome!