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Reintroducing The Original Pack-It™ System

February 01, 2014

If it’s possible, Eagle Creek’s packing aids just got even better. 

San Diego, Ca. (February 1, 2013) – Rejuvenating the product that started it all, the ever-popular Original Pack-It™ System has been infused new fabrics, compression features, better fabrics for contents visibility, and new styles to make the packing experience that much easier, faster, more efficient, and with even more wrinkle resistant than ever before. 

Taking the best and making it better is what Eagle Creek does. The newly redesigned Original Pack-It™ System features bluesign® certified fabrics including a mesh that’s more supple, softer and offers even more visibility into each packing organizer. 

The new Eagle Creek Original Pack-It™ System is available at retail 2/1/14. 

Original Pack-It™ highlights include: 

Pack-It™ Garment Folders S/M/L:

Eagle Creek’s best-selling Pack-It Folders now offer even more compression with the new and original stretch panel design with Compress Wings™. Organize any travel bag while keeping freshly pressed shirts and slacks looking sharp. 

Pack-It™ Garment Folder Small (EC 41189) 

Capacity: Holds up to 7 items; Weight: 10 oz; Size: 14 x 9 in

Pack-It™ Garment Folder Medium (EC 41190) 

Capacity: Holds up to 12 items; Weight: 15 oz; Size: 18 x 12 in

Pack-It™ Garment Folder Large (EC 41191) 

Capacity: Holds up to 15 items; Weight: 1 lb 2.5 oz; Size: 20 x 14 in 

  • Compress Wings™ offer 2-way stretch compression
  • Helpful Folding Instruction Board included
  • Minimizes wrinkles
  • Quick grab handle
  • Washable
  • Colors: Black, Blue Sea, Red Fire, Earth Green 

Pack-It™ Garment Sleeve (EC 41192) 

Ideal for overnight business travel or dressy events, the Garment Sleeve was designed to provide wrinkle resistance and keep longer garments looking freshly pressed. 

Capacity: Fits 2 hangers; Weight: 15 oz; Size: 21 x 13 x 2 in

  • Full-length packing solution
  • Padded ‘Folding Zones’ for wrinkle resistance
  • Swivel hook for versatile hanging options
  • Fits in most 22” carry-on bags
  • Quick-grab handle
  • Washable
  • Color: Black 

Pack-It™ Complete Organizer (EC 41207)

Capacity: 1000 cu in; Weight: 12.5 oz; Size: 13.5 x 10 x 6 in 

  • Fits perfectly into most 22” carry-ons
  • Four interior compartments: two half-sized Cubes, one full-sized Cube and one zippered pocket
  • Swivel hook for versatile hanging options
  • Zips closed for compact carry
  • Quick grab handle
  • Two-way zippered opening
  • Washable
  • Color: Black 

Pack-It™ Starter Set (EC 41193) 


  • Pack-It™ Folder Medium
  • Pack-It™ Cube
  • Pack-It™ Half Cube
  • Colors: Black, Blue Sea 

Pack-It™ Cube Set (EC 41208) 


  • Pack-It™ Cube
  • Pack-It™ Half Cube
  • Pack-It™ Quarter Cube
  • Colors: Black, Blue Sea, Red Fire, Earth Green 

Pack-It™ Sac Set (EC 41215) 


  • Pack-It™ Sac Small
  • Pack-It™ Sac Medium
  • Pack-It™ Sac Large
  • Colors: Black, Blue Sea 

ALL NEW Pack-It™ Shoe Pouches (EC 41216) 

Snuggly soft washable shoe sleeves protect shoes and clothes in any travel bag.

Weight: 3 oz/pair. Sized for individual shoes or smaller pairs.

  • Pouches sized for smaller pairs or individual shoes
  • Prevents scuffing, keeps shoes away from other bag contents and allows for custom placement within a travel bag
  • Soft fleece fabric
  • Washable 

Pack-It™ Clean Dirty Cubes:

Ingenious two-compartment packing cubes with breathable mesh on one side, and a water-resistant mesh on the other to hold in moisture and control odors. 

Pack-It™ Clean Dirty Half Cube (EC 41198) 

Capacity: 300 cu in; Weight: 4 oz; Size: 10 x 7 x 3.5 in

Pack-It™ Clean Dirty Cube (EC 41199) 

Capacity: 650 cu in; Weight: 6 oz; Size: 14 x 10 x 4 in 

  • Great for separating dirty clothes from clean to simply provide even more organization
  • Water-resistant LinkSeal™ Mesh secondary compartment keeps moisture in or out
  • Floating LinkSeal™ Mesh compartment keeps moisture in or out
  • Mesh top for visibility and breathability on other side
  • Quick grab handle
  • Two-way zippered opening for maximum compression
  • Washable
  • Colors: Black, Blue Sea, Red Fire, Earth Green 

Pack-It™ Cubes and Sacs

Legendary quality and design, now in bluesign® fabrics and with washability. 

Pack-It™ Cubes

Pack-It™ Quarter Cube (EC 41195) 

Capacity: 75 cu in; Weight: 1.5 oz; Size: 7.5 x 4.5 x 2.5 in

Pack-It™ Half Cube (EC 41196) 

Capacity: 300 cu in; Weight: 2.5 oz; Size: 10 x 7 x 3 in

Pack-It™ Cube (EC 41197) 

Capacity: 650 cu in; Weight: 4 oz; Size: 14 x 10 x 3 in

Pack-It™ Double Cube (EC 41202) 

Capacity: 1300 cu in; Weight: 5.5 oz; Size: 18 x 13 x 3 in 

Pack-It™ Half Tube Cube (EC 41200) 

Capacity: 100 cu in; Weight: 2 oz; Size: 10 x 4 x 2 in

Pack-It™ Tube Cube (EC 41201) 

Capacity: 150 cu in; Weight: 2.5 oz; Size: 13 x 4 x 3 in 

Pack-It™ Sacs
Spill-resistant Link Seal™ Mesh with convenient carry clip

Pack-It™ Sac X-Small (EC 41211) 

Weight: 1 oz; Size: 7.5 x 3.5 in

Pack-It™ Sac Small (EC 41212) 

Weight: 1 oz; Size: 8 x 6 in

Pack-It™ Sac Medium (EC 41213) 

Weight: 1.5 oz; Size: 10 x 8 in

Pack-It™ Sac Large (EC 41214) 

Weight: 2 oz; Size: 14 x 10 in 

Pack-It™ Shoe Cubes

Keeps dirty shoes away from clean clothes and other contents

Pack-It™ Shoe Cube Medium (EC 41205) 

Capacity: 500 cu in; Weight: 3 oz; Size: 12 x 7 x 5 in

Pack-It™ Shoe Cube Large (EC 41206) 

Capacity: 800 cu in; Weight: 4 oz; Size: 14 x 8 x 6 in 

Pack-It™ Shoe Sac (EC 41234) 

Flexible for easy packing, keeps dirty shoes away from clean clothes

Weight: 3 oz; Size: 16 x 9 in


Eagle Creek is a leading travel outfitter, providing smart, innovative and durable luggage, travel bags, and accessories since 1975. Through the years they have fine-tuned the best way to design and build gear for diverse travel needs. With their end goal to enhance any travel experience, they offer a Travel System of products, which includes a wide selection of luggage, packing organizers, accessories, and day bags.


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