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Lightweight Luggage

Best Gear for Traveling Light Without Leaving Your Stuff at Home

No matter what type of travel you're planning – an extended getaway or an overnight business trip – using lightweight luggage is a must.

If you're carrying bulky, heavy bags everywhere you go, it won't just slow you down – it will make your trip a nightmare. But it's not just what you pack that determines how heavy your luggage is. It's what you pack it x.

Today's innovative luggage is designed to be lightweight, easy to carry and very mobile. By simply choosing the right bags, you can give your muscles a break and make all your future travels a whole lot easier.

Follow the tips below for some key pointers on finding the right lightweight luggage for your next adventure.

Lightweight Luggage

Tips for Choosing Lightweight Luggage

Focus on fabric
The materials that your bag is made of play an important role in how heavy the bag is. But that doesn't mean you should sacrifice quality either. Today's best lightweight luggage is made from durable, innovative fabrics that protect your belongings and make the bag super durable, without weighing you down. 

At Eagle Creek, we use materials like Helix™, Bi-Tech™ and others for maximum durability to minimize weight.

Reconsider your carry-on
Most people try to maximize their carry-on packing, fitting everything they can into the dimensions allowed by the airline. This is fine if you're trying to avoid checking your bags, but otherwise, do you really need all that stuff on the plane?

Today's lightweight carry-ons offer all the features you love – retractable handles, wheels, multiple compartments and more – but in compact sizes that are light, super easy to carry and super easy to fit in overhead bins (no more cramming and slamming).

How about a backpack?
Rolling uprights are great for when you're carrying lots of gear. But you may find it more comfortable and convenient to carry a lightweight backpack instead. Larger sizes are available with wheels for when you need them but add just a little weight, while shoulder straps and handles eliminate the need to drag your bag everywhere you go.

You may be surprised at how light today's packs are when you carry them on your back, instead of behind you.

Lightweight Luggage

Lightweight totes and duffel bags
Even a small tote bag can come with wheels and a retractable handle. And since it's not as large as other carry-ons or uprights, this type of bag is easy to lift and carry everywhere you go.

Everyday bags
For day trips and quick overnight travel, you don't want to get stuck carrying around a giant bag. Consider smaller pieces like shoulder bags, messengers, waist bags and handbags for the ultimate in comfort and ease.

Super Lightweight Luggage from Eagle Creek

At Eagle Creek, our lightweight luggage is designed by travelers, for travelers. That's why we take special care to use innovative fabrics and designs to make every type of trip more comfortable and easier on the body.

From our large rolling uprights to our tried-and-true Ease Wheeled Tote, every piece of luggage we make is designed to be super lightweight and easy to take virtually anywhere you plan to go. 

Use our Outfit Me Tool to find the right gear for your next trip!