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Your Volunteer Travel Personality: The Agriculturalist

Your Volunteer Travel Personality: The Agriculturalist

No two travelers make the exact same journey in the exact same way. That's why, when giving back to local communities around the world, we strive to make our contributions just as personal—and as meaningful.

To help you hone in on the volunteer experience that taps into both your skills and your passions, we've created this quiz. Once you've completed it, you can see if you most identify with Mostly Bs.

You Should: Work on agriculture projects and organic farms

Small farms and agriculture projects will keep you in touch with nature while allowing you a way to give back on significant projects. This is a fast-growing volunteer niche and there are sustainable social enterprises that require assistance in a wide range of areas and skills: coffee plantations, pest control, fruit picking, seeding the land and sharing agricultural development knowledge. According to the United Nations, agricultural workers account for about 55 percent of the labor force in developing countries—which means there is no shortage of projects and organizations in need of skilled volunteers.

  • CNFA connects those with strong agriculture knowledge with other farmers in an effort to improve the rural livelihoods of farmers in developing regions.
  • World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF) is the largest database available for this type of work and there is only a small fee to access the site’s listing—volunteering is free and accommodation and food is typically included.

Other Volunteer Travel Personalities

 Mostly As: The Educator

Mostly Cs: The Conservationist

Mostly Ds: Pro-bono Professional Services

Shannon O’Donnell has actively traveled around the world since 2008; she travels slowly and volunteers in small communities along the way. She recently publishedThe Volunteer Traveler’s Handbook—a how-to guide for ethical volunteering—and her travel stories and photography are recorded on her travel blog, A Little