January 13th, 2016

What Travel Means to the YogaSlackers

What Travel Means to the YogaSlackers

‘Why travel?’


We have been asked this several times.

To us, this question is like asking someone ‘Why breathe?’ How could we not?

Traveling is our way of living. I am confident to say that there is a group of people that cannot thrive in one place, grow roots and flourish. This group - to whom we belong - must have inherited a nomadic gene from our ancestors.  

Thousands of years ago our species survived thanks to their ability to be mobile, malleable and to travel on a daily basis.  They experienced the world one day at a time - without set schedules and daily routines - other than those set by biological needs. 

Our modern era with all of its modern conveniences has decreased our need to travel as means of survival. Society has conditioned us to desire to own and live in our houses, define ourselves by our cars, and become entrenched in our daily commutes and controlled social groups. We have grown used to seeing and experiencing the world from our (multiple) televisions, computers and smart phones. Modern times have transformed travel into a leisure activity.  

We cannot conform. To fully live, we need to exercise our wanderlust.  We believe that the marvels of this world are best experienced first hand, and on a daily basis. And so we happily trade a perceived “safe” and structured life, for the thrill of daily exploration. Yes, it does mean that we have to leave behind many of the established comforts of a sedentary life. And we gladly make the exchange.

Seldom do we know where we are going to sleep, or what we are going to eat, or who we are going to meet. Schedules and routines are almost impossible to create or follow. And besides, we have unusual jobs, unusual houses and unusual comfort levels! But experiencing the world in all of its glory – bathed in its rich colors, smells, sights, sounds and tastes – is all the reward we need. 

To us, traveling is like breathing… we cannot live without it.  We can pause our travels from time to time, but like holding our breath we cannot do it for long. And besides, we are always thinking about our next breath of experience. So why pause?

Now, let me ask you: How long have you been holding your breath? It’s time to let it go, to exhale, and to breathe deeply and fervently. It’s time to dive in. 

by YogaSlackers

YogaSlackers Sam Salwei and Raquel Hernandez are modern-day nomads. On any ol’ Saturday, you’ll see them driving coast-to-coast in their beloved PeaceLoveCar, or hopping on a plane to teach overseas. Sam and Raquel’s experience as on the slackline ensures you will see spectacles wherever they go. Wellness and adventure are at the heart of their pursuits. And with their combined talent and passion these two always have something exciting to share. 

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