September 23rd, 2015

What to Pack for Ireland: The Five-Step Solution

Whether you’re checking out the local pubs or hiking through gorgeous greenery, find out what to pack for a trip to Ireland. 


Ireland has it all: adventure, castles, city life, and gorgeous farms—to name just a few highlights. The country is famous for its lively pubs (where the Guinness and Harp Lager flow freely), it's buskers (street musicians), its oh-so-green scenery, and its friendly and charming people. If you spend enough time in the countryside, you're sure to see a rainbow after a storm—and perhaps even a leprechaun and a pot of gold. The best time to visit this beautiful land is in the spring or fall, so you can catch the middle ground of its often-fickle weather. Learn what you’ll need to pack to be prepared for the elements, no matter what time of year you’re going.

1. Raincoat

This might be the most popular piece of clothing in your suitcase. That’s because it can rain quite often in Ireland, even if only for a few minutes. Make sure that you’re prepared for an afternoon shower by packing a portable umbrella, like the Rain Away Travel Umbrella, which will fit in your bag or purse without taking up too much space.

2. Walking Shoes

If you can bring only one pair of shoes with you on your trip, it should be a sturdy pair of sneakers. Whether you're climbing up Blarney Castle to kiss the Blarney Stone, sightseeing at the Cliffs of Moher, or strolling through the streets of Dublin, you can see a lot by foot in Ireland. Bring a Pack-It Shoe Sac to separate your sneaks from the rest of your clothes in your suitcase—after all, they’re sure to have a lot of dirt on them before the trip’s end!

3. Lots of Layers

Depending on the time of year that you travel and where you are in the country, Ireland’s temperatures can dip to brisk and even downright chilly, so be prepared. Bring an array of lightweight t-shirts, a few long-sleeve shirts, and one heavier jacket or sweatshirt for when you need to bundle up. Wear one on top of the other, and you can always peel off a layer or two if you get too warm. Expert tip: Avoid wearing cotton as it does not dry quickly.

4. Power Adapter

Electrical outlets in Ireland are different from the ones in North America, so a power adapter will help you charge your phone, camera, e-reader, tablet, laptop, hair tools, alarm clock, and more. Toss this USB Universal Travel Adapter Pro in your bag to power up almost any gadget.

5. Reusable Shopping Bag

Shopping is a must when you’re walking the streets of Dublin, but you’ll find that the cashier won’t likely offer you a plastic bag for your purchase. In 2002, Ireland passed a plastic bag tax in an effort to reduce the amount of plastic waste that was floating around the city. Now, nearly all customers use cloth bags for typical items, like groceries and clothes. Throw this Packable Tote in your suitcase so you'll have a place for all those souvenirs that you want to buy.

Have you visited Ireland before? What else would you recommend packing? Let first-timers know in the comments, below!

Colleen Travers is a health, fitness, travel, and women’s lifestyle writer for various publications.

by Colleen Travers

Colleen Travers writes about health, fitness, travel, and women’s lifestyle for various publications.

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