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December 14th, 2012

Volcano Tourism Around The World

Volcano Tourism Around The World

Explore the peaks of famous volcanoes in Hawaii, Guatemala and Montserrat by hiking, zip lining, or helicoptering on these volcano tours!

By:  Alex Baackes, Executive Editor, Volcano tourism is one of the adventure travel world’s newest niches. Around the world, travelers are lining up to explore these thrilling and unpredictable peaks through increasingly creative methods. Here are three ideas for conquering nature’s most fickle kind of mountain: 1.    Zip Line over a Volcano in Hawaii Haleakalā is one of the world’s largest volcanoes, and thanks to a new zip line course you can now sail along it’s slopes like one of Hawaii’s colorful native birds – ones you might come face to face with in the trees. Haleakala Volcano is a must-see in Maui, literally – it makes up a full 75% of the island’s landmass! $95 Per Person, Skyline Eco Adventures. 2.    Hike up an Active Volcano in Guatemala Volcan Pacaya is the most-visited volcano in all of Central America – and for a good reason. The Guatemalan (very!) hot spot has been erupting continuously since 1965. The typical six-hour tour brings you up close and personal with the volcano. Bring along marshmallows to roast over the steam pouring out of the hardened lava fields. And if you’re lucky – or unlucky, depending on the circumstances – you might even spot flowing molten lava! $59 Per Person, OX Expeditions. 3.    Helicopter over a Volcanic Explosion site in the Caribbean Take off from the island nation of Antigua and soar over the Caribbean Sea towards the Volcano-stricken island of Montserrat. The fifty-minute flight takes you over an area off limits to ground travel and centered around the Soufriere Hills Volcano – an active volcano rising 3000 feet above sea level and emitting frequent belches of ash and steam. The surrounding area, including the now-uninhabited former capital, has been devastated by the volcanoes unpredictable outbursts. You’ll see it all firsthand, but from the safety of the sky. $250.00 Per Person, Caribbean Helicopters Related Links: Top Ziplines Around the World: Extreme Travel: Adventure Sports in Southeast Asia: Central America Adventures: Travel Tips for Nicaragua: Always Check the safety and current conditions before you go. While Eagle Creek is here to provide tips and insights on travel, we cannot accept any responsibility for any potential consequences arising from the use of this information.  Always conduct your own research and use your best judgment.