September 11th, 2017

Video: How and What To Pack For Ecuador

Jessica Dodson, Eagle Creek Travel Lover and Packing Expert, shows you how and what to pack for Ecuador.


And not only what to pack… but also how to keep everything organized and how to not pack too much! That’s right, she fits everything into her carry-on and personal item.

So what are you waiting for? See what she packs for 16 days in one carry-on 4-wheel suitcase.

Jessica’s Take-Away Packing Tips:

  • Think through the activities you’ll be doing on your trip and then make a packing list – believe me, it’s a huge time-saver!
  • Don’t forget the little things, aka your travel accessories—a travel pillow, ear plugs, an eye mask, money belt, travel locks, etc. There are the things you’ll need on the plane as well as on your person while out and about.
  • Bring your prescription scripts with you, just in case you need a refill… or in case airport security questions you.
  • Set aside the things you’ll want for the plane, before you begin to pack your main luggage.
  • Pack with Pack-It in order to compress your items and know exactly where everything is!

Product Featured in Video

Backpacks and Luggage: Gear Warrior International Carry-On XTA Backpack

Sleep & Comfort: Exhale Neck PillowCat Nap Blanket Sandman Eyeshade 

Travel Accessories: Money Belts

Packing Organizers: Pack-It Specter Tech Cube XSPack-It Specter Tech Cube Set S/M/LGPack-It Specter Tech Structured CubePack-It Specter Tech Shoe CubeBottle Set and Toiletry Pouch

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by Jessica Dodson

Jessica has been in-house at Eagle Creek for more than 7 years and currently hails as Eagle Creek Employee of the Year. What’s most interesting about her, is her passion to travel and connect others with authentic experiences. Having been all over Europe, to Turkey, Jordan, Egypt, Kenya, Russia, and so many more places, she is legitimately a world travel. You’ll see Jessica hosting Eagle Creek Instagram stories and hosting our packing and product videos.

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