October 11th, 2016

Traveling with The EC Lync™ System

Traveling with The EC Lync™ System

My travels all start with an email, a phone call, a message through social media or a simple face-to-face meeting.  This is the way I schedule photo shoots with clients from all over the country. 


There is nothing better than having a reliable bag for my camera gear and clothing as I am traveling all over.  I’m a simple person and what drives me crazy is flying with too much luggage and having to check on items.  I’m all about carrying everything onto the plane and keeping my work equipment with me.

I have always been on the hunt for a simple bag that fits my weird way of life.  I’ve wanted something that’s easy to maneuver as I wheel it through the airport, but also something that I can throw over my shoulder.  Since I’m always on the move, I’ve long been on the search for something adaptable yet organized. 

Moving and hustling is such a major part of my life that it’s been hard to find bags that can keep up without wearing.  That’s until I found the Eagle Creek Lync travel bag.  It keeps pace with my crazy life and everything I need fits in this one simple piece.

The wheeled frame makes it easy for me as I cruise through the airport and fits perfectly in the overhead compartment.  The frame comes off effortlessly so I can use it as a backpack whether that be hiking a mountain or tying it to my Harley.  If I need to pack my camera gear, the Eagle Creek organizers keep everything orderly so I don’t have to worry about anything shuffling around or cords getting tangled. And get this, the Eagle Creek Lync bag even has an stretch tie on its front that allows me to bring my skateboard along. Killer!

I’m pumped that Eagle Creek continues to push the envelope when it comes to desiging authentic, durable and functional products to fit a traveler's needs and liestyle. It's also great to know that Eagle Creek stands behind their products by offering a No Matter What™ Warranty on their bags and luggage, so no matter how long you've had your bag or what happens, your bag will always be covered under their awesome warranty policy.

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by Ben Christensen

Ben Christensen is an advertising and lifestlye photographer from Arizona. From outdoor and adventure shots to high fashion, Ben has it covered. 

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