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Travel Trend: Starting a Honeymoon Registry

Travel Trend: Starting a Honeymoon Registry

Are you anticipating the honeymoon more than the wedding? Bypass boring wedding gifts and register for the vacation of your dreams instead!

In our modern society, where many couples live together before they tie the knot, traditional gift registries filled with pots, pans, and bath towels are slowly becoming obsolete. Rather than asking guests for items that you are traditional but that you may not need, set up a honeymoon registry so that friends and family can help you fund your ultimate post-wedding getaway.

Think its off the wall to request the gift of travel? It’s actually becoming fairly common for newlyweds to suggest honeymoon-related goodies, including airfare, hotel nights, spa treatments, and excursions. Guests can choose what they want to give you (i.e. a sunset cruise) and how much of it they want to pay for (all or a portion of it). Reward yourself for a wedding well-planned—and set yourself up for romance!—by posting your  travel wish list on one of these three top honeymoon registries.


Honeyfund was created eight years ago by an engaged couple that wanted a honeymoon registry that didn’t charge ridiculous fees when they planned their trip to Fiji. (For example, some sites charge set-ups fees to create the registry, service fees for help booking, and credit card fees.) This site has much lower fees, and even offers a convenient calculator to help you estimate the cost of your dream getaway. Want to register for something other than a honeymoon? Honeyfund can be used for a down payment for a home or other savings goals.

Fees: Instead of asking guests to make online-only purchases, Honeyfund encourages guests to “purchase” your registry item and print a certificate to give you in-person, along with a check or cash for the item, which helps them avoid any fees. If your guests prefer making a convenient online credit card payment, they can still do that by using a credit card or a PayPal account. Those payments carry a small fee (less than 3 percent) and a $.30 transaction fee. When guests use this option, Honeyfund will automatically deposit the funds into your bank account.


Traveler’s Joy, which has been around for nearly a decade, is a fully customizable honeymoon registry. To make things easy for users, there is an “instant registry” option that allows for faster setup. You can customize your personal registry page with images and travel plans. The site doesn’t require you to book your honeymoon with any particular travel agency or airline; this puts all the travel plans totally in your hands and allows you to find the best deals.

Fees: You and your spouse (not the guest making the purchase) are charged 7.5 percent of the gift value, which goes towards overhead costs and profit for the site.


Loaded with features and tools, Honeymoon Wishes is one of the most comprehensive online honeymoon registries on the web. This site provides an email announcement tool, gift and “thank you note” tracking, a free wedding website, and customer service available by phone. If you aren’t a savvy travel planner, Honeymoon Wishes can help you put your trip together; the site partners with major resorts and cruise lines so that gifts can be booked directly with the vendor. If you’d rather that the monetary gifts be sent to you, they can be withdrawn at any time by check or a direct deposit into your bank or PayPal account.

Fees: You can choose whether you'd like the service fees to be absorbed by you or your guests. If the guest pays the fees, the guest is charged a 9.65 percent fee at checkout. If you choose to take the hit, you are charged 7 percent of the total amount of the listed gift price and the purchaser pays only a 2.65 percent fee.

Kristen is a foodie and a wanderer born and raised in upstate New York. She currently resides in York, Pennsylvania, where she works as the food editor at The York Dispatch. Follow her on Twitter at @kjputch.

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