March 6th, 2014

Staycations: Incorporate Travel into Your Daily Life

Staycations: Incorporate Travel into Your Daily Life

From creative tour guiding to mini-trips to simply putting your mind in vacation mode, we’ve got five ways to make “real life” feel a bit more like an adventure.

There are few things more exhilarating than stepping off a plane, ready to explore a place that you’ve never been before—but for many of us, these far-flung adventures are often few and far between. Whether we’re low on vacation days, having a hard time ripping ourselves away from a hectic work schedule, or are simply trying to save money, many of us are experiencing major vacation deprivation. The good news is, this ailment can easily be cured with the help of an “everyday staycation,” a soul-satisfying trip you can take without ever packing a suitcase. Here’s five ways to get into the travel spirit without draining your wallet or any of your valuable vacation days. Bon voyage! Get in the Travel Mindset Half the fun of traveling is the frame of mind you’re in – pumped up to explore, learn, and enjoy whatever’s in front of you. When planning your staycation, pretend you’re a tourist in your own town—throw your stuff in a daypack, take pictures of everything you see, ask for directions (even when you know perfectly well where you are!) and look into every shop and café you pass by. It may sound goofy, but it can be a fun change of pace! Find a Local Travel Buddy It shouldn’t be too hard to a fellow traveler in your circles – they’re the ones who are always talking about saving up for Thailand, and their desktop background is a picture of a tropical coastline. Plan in-town adventures together, join local travel/adventure meet-up groups, or just grab lunch and reminisce about that time you were lost in Venice. You’ll be able to re-live your favorite memories and maybe even get some new trip ideas. Bonus: having a partner in crime will motivate you to go on day trips instead of doing the all-too-tempting (but all-too-boring) option of just staying home. Play Tour Guide When you’ve been living in the same place long enough, it’s easy to fall into a routine and stop exploring. To remind yourself what’s so cool about being home, volunteer to be a tour guide for first-time visitors. Use their arrival as an excuse to try new things, visit new places, and shake up your routine. If you get bored of the same old attractions, say you’re giving them the “underground” tour and just go to the cool places you love! With any luck, they’ll appreciate the unique visit, and the fact that you took the time to show them the local perspective on your hometown. Choose a New Mode of Transport Unless you’re secretly Carmen Sandiego, 95 percent of your travel is probably en route to the same three or four places – work, home, gym, and that one coffee shop you just can’t live without. Still, these daily and weekly commutes don’t have to be so predictable. If you’re within a few miles of your destinations, try walking to, biking, or even throwing a all caution to the wind and rollerblading or skateboarding over. If you’re in a car, take slightly roundabout route (or stay off the highway) which will send you past new streets and storefront you may never have seen before. Offer to House Sit for Local Friends Nothing to make you see your town in a new way like a different home base. From a temporary home, you have new neighborhood spots, new neighbors, a new commute, and maybe even some new pets to cuddle. You’re all but forced to change up your routine, and gone are the standard distractions your own home can bring. Plus, the next time you go out of town yourself, you may have someone willing to return the favor. How do you make home feel a little more like an adventure? Tell us in the comments below! Featured Products Universal Traveler Backpack RFID Pack-It Specter Cube Set Morphus 22 Related Posts Cheap Travel: Save Money When Planning a Trip Spa Hacking: Get 5 Worldly Treatments on the Cheap Which Piece of Luggage Should I Bring on my Trip?

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