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Product Review: The Undercover™ Hidden Pocket

Jimmy & Crystal Anderson contacted us recently with a product review about their Eagle Creek Undercover™ Hidden Pocket. As their story unfolded, we realized it was way more than a product review; It moved us so much that we wanted to share it with you. We purchased a Undercover™ Hidden Pocket when we decided to travel to Kamala Beach in Thailand for Christmas In December 2004. We were lounging about around 10 am on the 26th when we heard screaming outside our beachfront bungalow. I ran over to our door way and saw a woman trying to out run a 10-15 ft wave headed right for us. The door smashed open and our room began to fill. I yelled to my wife,  “get up on something” the mattress she was on began to float. The room continued to fill in a violent swirling motion and within 15 seconds the water was over the doorway. I was pushed to the back of the room as my wife was pushed to the door. She had a hold of the top of the doorway that was now under fully submerged. I was trying to get past the floating debris in the room to reach her. I yelled to her “get out, get out!”. She screamed back, “I am not going with out you". I was eventually able to get past the debris and grab her hand. We both then dove through the doorway. As we were underwater the wave pulled us out, we emerged 10-12 feet from the door. I passed my wife a floating beach chair cushion as the wave moved us past the bungalows. I yelled, “grab onto anything you can”. We both luckily grabbed the branched of a nearby tree. We climbed the tree 20-25 feet. I had watched a Discovery Channel show on Tsunamis and knew more waves were coming and that sometimes the second wave was bigger than the first. We watched in fear as the second wave was headed for us, it was about 5-10 feet taller than the first. The tree swayed back and forth making an uneasy creaking sound as we forced to watch vehicles, boats and anything that would float pulled out to sea with each wave. I realized that I had on my Undercover™ Hidden Pocket that contained copies of our passports, ID’s credit cards and two hundred dollars in cash. The wallet I had daily spending cash in was on the dresser with our sunglasses and room keys when the wave hit. We spent an hour and a half in the tree then headed into the hills with the locals for the night. The following day we made it to the provincial hall to meet with our embassy. We still have the Undercover™ Hidden Pocket  and still use it to this day. It’s held up amazingly considering its 7 years old and survived a Tsunami.