January 9th, 2013

New Year's Resolution: Put Your Travel Bag on a Diet

New Year's Resolution: Put Your Travel Bag on a Diet

Find out how to pack light and downsize for your travel adventures.

By: Angie Orth, Editor-in-Chief at AngieAway.com

Have your suitcase-packing habits really packed on the pounds over the years? Resolve to slim down in 2013 by downsizing with these tips.

Start with a smaller bag. If you have a massive empty suitcase to fill, chances are you’re going to find a way to fill it with stuff you might not need. Start with a smaller, but still effective carry-on bag, and resolve to bring only what you need. Trust us, it works!

Be realistic. Remember, you don’t need to plan for every circumstance when packing your suitcase. In fact, it’s the “just in case” items that weigh bags down the most.

Choose items that serve more than one purpose. The best light packing travelers choose multipurpose gear, like the Hybrid Hauler or Switchback , reversible clothing and neutral essentials as the foundation for their travel wardrobes. The goal is to bring functional pieces that go with everything.

To pack even less, take a packet or two of detergent and launder clothing as you go.

Plan ahead. It’s easy to find out if your hotel will have a hairdryer, beach towels, bathrobes and quality bathroom amenities. If they do, you can leave yours at home and lose a few pounds.

Have a shoe limit in mind. Shoes can be one of the heaviest (and bulkiest) items in a suitcase, so before deciding which pairs to bring, decide how many is realistically enough. Two or three pairs of shoes should be plenty for the average trip – a black or neutral pair that can work for day or night, a comfy walking shoe and perhaps a pair of casual sandals (depending on the weather at your destination) should cover all the bases. Focus on lightweight pairs that can fold or be tucked in with clothing.

Wear your heaviest stuff. Your bag will be slimmer if you sport your heaviest shoes, sweaters and coats while you travel. That way, you don't have to pack them.

Embrace versatile toiletries. Downsizing your toiletry bag can be tricky because obviously, you want to look your best while traveling! Can you survive with 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner? Or if you’re a woman, can you live with just one palette of eye shadow? Perhaps you use your makeup bag as a clutch for evening events. Shrinking your beauty product tally will take off the last few pounds and voila – a whole new travel you in 2013!

Embrace these tips and we’re sure your bag will take off the pounds.

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