September 20th, 2011

How The Lost Girls Met Eagle Creek....

When my best friends Jennifer Baggett, Holly Corbett and I—aka The Lost Girls—hatched a plan to leave our jobs, apartments and loved ones in New York City in order to embark on a yearlong, 60,000 mile journey around the world, we never expected that most straightforward part would be getting on that plane—and taking off. The most complicated part? Trying to get packed for the journey!

Could three women—none of us exactly known as minimalists—really manage to pair down our entire lives and cram everything we needed for an entire year into a single backpack?

Well, we might still be sitting on the floor in front of our closets, trying to figure out the answer to that question, had we not discovered Eagle Creek and our travel salvation:  Pack-It™ Cubes.

These “portable drawers” as we so often referred to them, helped us not only to transport far more clothing, accessories and toiletry options on our round-the-world journey than we ever dreamed possible—and about 10 times as much as any guidebook would recommend!—but they ensured that we stayed organized everywhere we went.

No more digging around in the bottomless depths of a backpack searching for that one last clean t-shirt or pair of socks. The Cubes, as well as a host of other Eagle Creek products like the Pack-It Wallaby and the Pack-It Spectre™ Sac moved in an out of our bags in seconds flat and kept us mobile at all times. And after you’ve packed, unpacked and repacked for the 17th time in a month—and about a hundred times in a year—that’s the kind of benefit you can’t imagine living without!

At one point during our adventure, Jen found herself doubly relieved that she’d brought the Undercover™ Hidden Pocket. Because she was able to secure her passport and cash by strapping valuables across her body—rather carrying a purse over her shoulder—she successfully fended off one very determined would-be thief.

Twelve months as many countries later, Jen, Holly and I finally accomplished our dream of circumnavigating the globe as a trio—with a million new photos and memories to share. Even though we eventually retired our ginormous backpacks (I actually gave mine to another American traveler to take with her abroad), we continued to depend upon Eagle Creek products to help us stay organized and protected on trips. We realized that the products aren’t just a smart idea for extended adventures—but also for quick business trips, long weekend getaways and much anticipated Lost Girls reunion vacations.

In the coming months, The Lost Girls will be sharing stories of our current on-the-road adventures here at You’ll be hearing from Jen, Holly and me, as we’ll as a network of other “LGs” who make traveling and adventure as much a priority as we do.We hope you’ll share stories from your own off-the-beaten-path trips and life-changing getaway. Give us a shout out in the comments section below—we can’t wait to hear from you.

 Love, The Lost GirlsAmanda, Jen and Holly About The Lost Girls:

 In their late 20s, The Lost Girls–Amanda Pressner, Jennifer Baggett and Holly Corbett–left their jobs, boyfriends, apartments and everything familiar behind in New York City to embark on a yearlong, round-the-world search for adventure and inspiration. Journeying across four continents and more than a dozen countries, these best friends shared their experiences with other aspiring vagabonds on their website, []. Eagle Creek products went with them every step of the way.

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