August 15th, 2014

Eagle Creek: Packing for a 10 Day Trip - Women's Edition

Hey ladies, think you can't fit everything you need for a 10-day trip, in a carry-on? Think again...

Now it's true, packing 10 days in a carry-on has its challenges – especially if you like bringing lots of options with you or are packing for colder climates - but it's totally doable with Eagle Creek's Pack-It™ System.

Watch this video for Jessica’s tips on how to plan for your upcoming trip and how to use the Pack-It System to organize your carry-on. She shares tips on what to think through before you start packing, what to pack in what items, and how to maximize your style by accessorizing. It’s funny how it’s the little tips (and organizers) that can make all the difference in the world.

Pack Smart. Travel Happy.

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