March 8th, 2012

Designers Corner: The Skinny on Our New Ease Collection

by Chad Rabe, Product Design Manager

Everyone needs a well-built piece of luggage to help transport his or her belongings to the intended destination.  Besides just transporting the contents of your trip, a great piece of luggage will help you get there easier and actually make you feel better during the journey because of its performance and great looks.

When designing the Ease Collection, we focused on creating an aesthetic that would have a timeless, classic appeal. We wanted it to look great as a companion to your wardrobe, whether it be casual or business attire.  We kept the outside of the luggage clean and without clutter so that the volume and overall shape of the bag is your first impression, as well as limiting any chance of snagging during handling.

The feedback we get most often from travelers is they want help identifying their luggage on the carousel, so we added some accent colored trims along the most visible areas of the bags to help it to be easily differentiated. This makes each piece of luggage unique, without being too overbearing. Another consumer request we addressed is, “What do I do with my jacket or coat when hurrying through the airport?” For me, I am usually departing on early morning flights from the cold, foggy coast and am arriving mid-afternoon in a hot arid climate, so I need somewhere to put my jacket.  We called our new feature the Coat Keeper™ because it easily allows one to drape their garment over the top of the bag and easily secure it without it being able to fall off or have a cuff dragging on the airport floor.  As with most of Eagle Creek’s products, we also have lockable zipper sliders on all compartments to help protect items from theft during transit and a retractable handle system with two tubes that provide more control over the bag when navigating down curbs and over uneven surfaces.

My personal favorite silhouettes from this collection are the Ease Duffel 25 and 30.  On most of my trips, I try to include some recreation along with business, so they are large enough to accommodate a variety clothing and have some unique pocket placements to help you access different footwear or other essentials without hassle.

Having placed so much focus from project concept to production on simplicity and use, I find the collection very fitting of its name: Ease.  

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