March 1st, 2016

Buy A Bag Change A Life.

Everyone deserves clean water.

In observance of World Water Day, which falls on March 22, 2016, Eagle Creek is partnering with packH2O to help make safe water more accessible to families in water-stressed regions around the world.

Now through March 31, 2016, when you purchase any bag in the category “Luggage & Packs” on, which includes any piece of wheeled luggage, travel pack, or duffel, Eagle Creek will donate funds to packH2O and packH2O will donate a packH2O water backpack to a family in need.*

“Eagle Creek is known not only for our innovative design and long-lasting travel gear, but also for our commitment to our global community. This month, we invite our consumers to join us. For every piece of luggage purchased on, travelers will not only get kick-ass luggage, but will help people who are forced to venture miles every day for safe drinking water,” said Roger Spatz, President of Eagle Creek. “We’re excited to give our network of travelers the opportunity to make a difference in places they might yet travel to.”

Up to 2.4 billion people live in water-stressed areas. UNICEF estimates that women and children in developing nations spend 200 million hours collecting water daily. People in these communities typically carry water from source to home in discarded jerry cans and buckets that were originally used to contain lubricants, agrichemicals or fuel oils. Tragically, by using these easily-accessible vessels, water is often contaminated which can lead to the spread of waterborne illness.

The packH2O water backpack addresses the human burden of transporting water and helps to eradicate waterborne illness through solar disinfection technology, which allows the packH2O liners to be sanitized in the sun.

“To date, over 200,000 packH2O water backpacks have been distributed in 40 countries, positively impacting an estimated 1 million lives.” said Kelsey Langdale, Executive Director of packH2O. “This partnership with Eagle Creek is a great way to raise awareness and to touch even more communities. Together we will help more families access and transport safe water.”

*Eagle Creek will donate $8.25 to packH2O for each transaction during March 2016 that includes the purchase of a bag from the “Luggage and Packs” section of that is not returned by April 30, 2016.

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