December 9th, 2015

The Best On-the-Go Fitness Gadgets of the Year

The Best On-the-Go Fitness Gadgets of the Year

You don’t need to be tethered to a treadmill to reach your fitness goals. Build muscle, lose weight, and stay healthy with these fitness gadgets, trackers, watches, and apps—no matter where you travel next.

Stop dumping your paycheck into a fancy gym membership. Instead, get fit while you travel with the help of these fitness gadgets. Stock up now for holiday gifts and buy a few for yourself—in the long run, it’s cheaper than a gym membership!

For the Female Hiker: Leaf

Possibly one of the prettiest fitness trackers out on the market, this lightweight health monitor will count your steps, your sleep, and will even vibrate as a gentle reminder that you haven’t been moving much lately. Lost on the trail? The Leaf knows that, too; it monitors your breathing to signal when you’re stressed out. Clip it to your shirt, wear it around your neck, or place it around your wrist and track your results through your smartphone.

For the Runner: Sensoria Fitness Running System

Upgrade your workout gear to the latest smart running garb. Think of these clothes like your own personal running coach. Sensoria socks measure step count, calories burned, pace, and even your cadence and foot landing while the sports bras and t-shirts have a built-in heart rate monitor so you don’t have to fuss with a chest strap. All the clothes connect with a mobile app, so you can get real-time feedback whether you’re at mile three or thirteen.

For the Yogi: This is one yoga mat you’ll want to roll up and bring with you on your next road trip. The SmartMat Yoga Mat is embedded with sensors to help you perfect your pose no matter where you are. Complete a guided course by using the app (the mat has a stand to prop your device up so you can see what you’re doing while you flow), and it will tell you when your alignment is off, plus how to fix it. After each class ends, check your score to see how you’ve improved.

For the Gym Rat: The InBody Band is a real-time activity tracker that will quickly replace your gym buddy as your new BFF. It’s an activity tracker, heart rate monitor, sleep watcher, alarm clock, and so much more. The band measures your percentage of body fat and muscle, which in turn tracks your progress more accurately than trackers that rely only on height and weight. It can also function as your secretary, notifying you when you have a call or text. InBody

For the Swimmer: Hopping in the pool for some solo laps is a great way to clear your mind and melt fat at the same time. Perfect for when you need a distraction or some tunes to take you past your peak, the Bragi Dash headphones are a triple threat, acting as a music player, tracker, and companion. The waterproof buds let you listen to music without being attached to any other device while tracking your workout and even letting you answer calls. The biggest perk? No more annoying cords tripping you up as you trek. Bragi

by Colleen Travers

Colleen Travers writes about health, fitness, travel, and women’s lifestyle for various publications.

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