February 7th, 2014

Alternative Uses for Packing Cubes and Sacs

Alternative Uses for Packing Cubes and Sacs

You may be the most efficient packer that you know, but can you keep your stuff as organized in everyday life? One Eagle Creek staffer shares creative ways to use packing cubes and sacs to keep everything pulled together at home.

Frequent travelers often become master packers, particularly when they use a packing system to help them compartmentalize the space inside their suitcase. But while you’d think that anyone so pulled together on the road would be ultra organized at home, many of us of still struggle to find a place for everything—so we can locate it quickly when we need it most. Fortunately, some of the same solutions that keep us organized abroad can work for us in everyday life, keeping those other untidy spaces—our handbags, daypacks, closets and drawers—as neat as our travel bags. Here, we asked Jessica in the Eagle Creek marketing department to share how packing cubes, sacs, and other travel system products can do double-duty as home- and life-organization essentials. Q. I often switch bags in the morning, and inevitably, something I really need is left behind on the bottom or in a side pocket. How can avoid forgetting my important items?  A. I keep all of my day-to-day essentials—extra pens, lip balm, tissues, and headache medicine—in a small Pack-It Sac. This not only helps me to avoid digging around to find what I need inside a larger bag, but it makes it fast and easy to transfer things between bags when I’m moving quickly and likely to forgot something. Q. Wires and chargers are spilling out of my drawers at home! What’s the best way to keep them all together? For rounding up my computer and phone charging cords, camera, and other miscellaneous things, I place everything inside a Pack-It Quarter Cube. I’d recommend using a label maker (or any kind of sticker that you can write on) to label your cords; go through them once a year to decide if you still need them all. Often times, we often buy new electronic devices and forget to toss the related cords that come with the old ones. Q. I’m on the hunt for the perfect laptop bag—something that has room for all of the extra wires and devices I’m always carrying around. What do you recommend? A: I carry the Strictly Business Brief everyday. It gives me space for extra files and cords, and has a ton of pockets to help me keep things like jump drives and external hard drives safe and within easy reach. Plus both my tablet and MacBook 15 fits perfectly in the two padded compartments. It’s a lifesaver. For guys, check out the Straight Up Business Brief. Q. My daughter is obsessed with hair ribbons, bows, clips and ties—and they end up everywhere around the house. What can we do to keep everything together?  I’d pick up a Pack-It Specter™ Sac Set: This trio of bags, which comes in a small, medium and large size, weigh next to nothing (2.2 ounces) and can be used to separate and organize different size hair accessories—or anything else your child needs to keep in one spot. Bright colors like strobe and tangerine appeal to kids, and they can easily spot them in their drawer or closet.  Q. I’ve gotten in the habit of cycling to work every, and I like to change my clothes when I arrive. What’s the best way for me to keep my work stuff neat, organized and wrinkle-free?  Many cities now have bike share programs, which means you—and millions of your fellow commuters!—now face the issue of how to look polished after commuting by bike. I suggest tucking your work clothes inside a Pack-It Garment Folder S, and a Pack-It Clean Dirty Half Cube. You can also include a quick dry towel to pat down quickly on particularly warm days. Just attach the locker to the rack of your bike, and get pedaling! How do you use packing organizers to keep your stuff pulled together between trips? If you’ve got a tip to share, let us know in the comments below! Michele Herrmann is a lifestyles and travel writer/editor whose writing has been appear on Travel Mindset, The Daily Muse, Sherman’sTravel, BlogHer, and The Lost Girls. She writes about her adventures and insights through her blog, She Is Going Places.

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