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5 Reasons to Follow-Through with Your New Year’s Travel Resolutions

The tribe of travelers at Eagle Creek wants to remind you of a few important words: Go. Get away. Take a trip. Unplug. Get off the grid. Sure, there are a million reasons why now is not a good time. But here are a few (better) reasons why it is:

1. You need to reboot. Maybe you’ve felt pressure in your personal relationships. Or your boss will not get off your back. Either can be quite the soul sucker. When you carve out time for you - doing something you love like traveling - you have an opportunity to reconnect with an important person in your life. You. This small but important pleasure can refuel you while changing your perspective on challenging situations.

2. Laughter is good for the soul. We all know laughter is the best medicine and there is nothing quite like travel to lend a few laughable moments. Maybe it’s a funny sign, odd translation or a quirky interaction with a local. Maybe it’s running into your old best friends brother when climbing a mountain. Whatever it is, there is bound to be plenty of belly laughs when you just get going.

3. Finding adventure makes us feel alive. True adventure - the kind that you recount in twenty years - begins when everything else goes awry. Embrace the unknown. Dive in. And whether that involves finding the best spice shop in Marrakech or rolling down a hill in a plastic bubble in New Zealand, you will find adventure if you allow yourself to give in to the experience.

4. Ruts = the worst. There’s nothing like travel to get you out of a giant rut. And whether you take a solo journey or one with your best friends, travel can be the perfect solution. And what’s not to love about getting out of a rut while staying on a dive boat in Thailand?

5. To prove to yourself you can. Whether you’re a dreamer or not, chances are there’s a big trip you’ve always wanted to take but are a little scared to. Now is your time to do it. Just buy your tickets and figure it out. Finish what you set out to do and we promise the person who will be proudest of the accomplishment is you.

So now that your excuses have been tackled, where will your travels take you?