February 13th, 2012

The 5 Best Places to Take A New Ease Upright

When combining business and leisure, we’d like to suggest there are no better places to go – or to take the new and versatile Ease Uprights- then those on this list. After all, if you’re working in a fabulous city, it is your moral imperative as a true traveler to make the most of your post-workday time. This is  called bleisure travel, the perfect combination of business and leisure:


1. London:

We must start the list off with this iconic mention. From the easy city connections via the tube to the first-class airports, to the hustle and bustle and those amazing English accents, London is the perfect place to spend a week of bleisure. Chelsea, Kensington and the Perkcity spill-eth over with stores, museums and art galleries – along with lovely parks to lure you outside over lunch. We’re confident non-working hours will be well spent.

2. New York:

The obvious must be stated. This city defines bleisure travel. From trendy and posh hotels in the East Village and Uptown to shows, restaurants and more. It is impossible to be bored after hours in New York. If only my social life at home were as full as it is during a week of bleisure in New York!

3. Paris:

The food! The wine! The cheese! Need we say more?!

4. Dubai:

Definitely for the affluent…and those traveling for business. The Fairmont Dubai is near old town and the manmade island of Palm Jumeirah and is oh, so gorgeous. With a wealth of restaurants and cafes and oddities that make Dubai, well, Dubai you probably won’t want to stay in your room for long.

5. San Francisco:

Being situated so close to Silicon Valley, chances are you may find yourself on a bleisure trip here soon. Amazing seafood. Beautiful sunsets. Lively restaurants and colorful, creative people make this a preferred stop on the business traveler’s circuit and a great place to take your Ease Upright.

Share your top bleisure cities with us.  

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