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2013 Holiday Gift Guide: The Best Travel Gifts for Him

2013 Holiday Gift Guide: The Best Travel Gifts for Him

If his idea of a La-Z-Boy is an aisle seat with extra legroom, you may need to go the extra (frequent flier) mile to get him the perfect holiday present. Before you air mail anything to him overseas, check out our 10 can’t-miss travel gift ideas for guys.

It’s not that he’s hard to buy for; it’s just that he’s never in one place long enough to unwrap your gift! If you can get him to stay grounded for a hot second this holiday season, hand him a travel present that he’ll love—and one that he will take with him when he hits the road again.

Keep Warm and Keep In Touch

To risk frostbite—or to miss out on taking an iPhone photo of the Northern Lights: That is the question. Put an end to this age-old travel dilemma with PhD Spring Gloves by Smartwool. Their touchscreen-enabled patches will allow him to use his phone and keep all 10 fingers toasty warm during winter travel. (MSRP $90)

Keep it Clean(er)

His muddy hiking boots create muddy t-shirts, muddy jeans...and well, just about muddy everything in his suitcase! He can still play in the dirt without transferring the mess when he uses the Pack-It Mud Boxes by Eagle Creek. The moisture and mud-resistant gear organizer is made for the toughest adventures—and will keep him from spending his trip searching for the nearest washing machine. (MSRP $23-28)

Time Under Any Condition

A lot of us check the time on our smart phones. The guy on your list, however, could be surfing, skiing, or skydiving at any given moment—and he doesn’t want to damage his cell by taking it with him. Give him a smart and stylish way to check the time—whatever time zone he' s in—with this water and scratch resistant NST 15 Chronograph Watch by Nautica. (MSRP $210)

Look Good on the Road

Just because he’s sleeping in a tent this week doesn’t mean he has to look like it! Stuff his stocking with the Braun Mobile Shaver Silver M90; the travel trimmer fits whatever carry-on bag is making the trip, and will keep his scruff under control with its 60-minute battery-operated shave time. (MSRP $23)

Let Go of the Old Wallet

He swears by the leather wallet he bought in Italy 15 years ago, but the tattered bi-fold is on its last legs. Let him retire il portafoglio with dignity, and give him the reliable Transfer Tri-Fold Wallet by Eagle Creek. The durable tri-fold’s 5 pockets will give him spots for every type of currency and card he’s currently holding. (MSRP $28)

His New Favorite Jacket

Whether he's on a plane, apres-ski or at home for a (rare) relaxing weekend, The North Face Denali Jacket might just become his new favorite jacket. This classic is a must-have for the casual, yet style-conscious, man on your list. You might want to pick up an extra for yourself, because this isn’t a jacket he'll easily lend out (MSRP $180).

A Lifetime Companion

He has years of travel left in him, but his luggage is almost ready to retire. Give him a versatile bag that's practical, durable, and in it for the long haul. The No Matter What Flashpoint Duffels by Eagle Creek carries the No Matter What™ Warranty, so as long as he's up for adventure, he'll have a trusty bag to take with him. Sizes range from small to X-Large. (MSRP $70-150).

An Epic Tale for His Epic Journeys

Rated by GQ magazine as one of the 21 books every 21st century man should read, Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell is an epic tale spanning all over the world—and beyond. This book will last him many a plane ride, and might even inspire some new travels to come (MSRP $10 Kindle, $16 Hardcover).

Get His Back

If you're buying for a guy that carries his life is his bag, make that load a little lighter and organized. The Pack-It Specter Cube Set by Eagle Creek is lightweight, durable, and will organize all his stuff for even his most intense adventures. Whether he’s toting gear through the mountains or carrying three months worth of clothes on a European adventure, you'll have his back with this ultimate travel gift (MSRP $38).

Caila Ball is a freelance writer and full time travel enthusiast. You can see more of her work at

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