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7 Travel Accessories that Make Your Trip Easier

Travel accessories are all those “little things” you always wish you had packed, but always seem to forget until you're already on your way.

Travel AccessoriesFrom items that make your voyage more comfortable to products that make your stuff more easily accessible during your trip, the right accessories can make your travel so much smoother – and stress-free. 

So, what should you pack? Let's take a look at 7 indispensable items you may want to consider for your next trip.

Recommended Travel Accessories

1) Travel Pillows & Blankets

Whether you're traveling by plane, train or automobile, it's always a good idea to get some rest during your voyage, so you can be energized when you arrive at your destination. Pillows and blankets that are specially designed for travel will make it so much easier to get some shuteye, and they're easy to pack into carry-ons too.

2) Discreet Money Belts & Wallets
If you're carrying your money around in a big, bulky bag or a pack around your waist or over your shoulder, then you could become a prime target for thieves. Why make it so obvious? Keep your money and credit cards hidden in a more discreet pack, like the Undercover™ belts and wallets from Eagle Creek. 

3) Personal Organizers
If you're traveling abroad, then you'll want to keep your important documents close at hand when you're on the go. Consider keeping everything stored neatly in a small organizer pack that you can wear comfortably, everywhere you go.

4) Electrical Converters
Don't forget that other countries don't use the same types of electrical outlets. If you need to plug in your gear while you're abroad – cell phone, laptop, digital camera, etc. – then you'll need an electrical converter set to make sure your charger fits the wall socket.

5) Travel Towels
At a fraction of the packing size of regular bath towels, and much faster to dry, travel towels are great travel accessories to have no matter where you're going, but especially when you're backpacking or trekking outside.

6) Luggage Locks & Other Security Items
A small, but tough luggage lock is always a good idea to ensure that your bags can't be easily opened by others. But before you buy a giant padlock for your gear, keep in mind you'll need something lightweight and TSA-friendly. 

7) Easily Identifiable Luggage Strap
You may think your luggage looks unique, but chances are you'll see plenty of similar bags coming out of the baggage return. A brightly colored luggage strap will make your bag stand out from the pack, so you can quickly grab and go. 

Shop for Smart Travel Accessories at Eagle Creek

Eagle Creek was founded by travelers, for travelers. We're very familiar with all the different needs people have during their journeys, and we offer smart travel accessories to help make their trips as smooth as can be.

From comfort items to organizers, our innovative and durable products are designed for all sorts of adventures. Shop our accessories now to find the right gear for your trip!