2013 Holiday Gift Guide: The Best Travel Gifts for Her

It’s clear that she’s got the gift for travel—so present her with the essential gear she needs to stay safe, comfortable, and stylish on her next journey.

The writing’s on her wall—literally! If her ongoing Facebook updates about favorite vacation spots, last-minute getaways, and top travel quotes are any indication, this is a woman with a serious case of wanderlust.

To win her heart this holiday season, you don’t have to buy her plane tickets to Southeast Asia (although she probably wouldn’t turn it down!). Simply acknowledge her love for frequent flier miles by giving her a truly useful travel gift that she can take on her next journey.

Plane Wear for Everywhere

We’re just going to say it: pajamas on a plane is not a solid fashion statement. As the fashion-conscious traveler knows, it’s possible to achieve both comfort and style en route—just not with flannel pants. Help her master understated chic by giving her a pair of Perfect Booty Leggings by Lucy, which are soft enough for a red-eye flight, and cute enough for wherever that red-eye takes her. ($108 MSRP)

Her New Favorite Pack

For the frequent traveler, the Switchback Wheeled Backpack by Eagle Creek is a real weight off her back. She’ll be ready to go anywhere with this versatile backpack, which can be wheeled through the airport or worn on her back as she maneuvers through uneven cobblestone streets. With this gift, she’ll truly be unstoppable. ($340 MSRP)

Socks that She’ll Actually Love

We promise: these aren’t the boring ankle socks that mom used to sneak under the Christmas tree or give on the first night of Chanukah. Smartwool Merino socks will keep her toes warm on winter hikes, ski trips, and any other winter adventures she may have planned, but are lightweight enough to be worn on summer hikes. ($20 MSRP)

Upgrade Her Pin Map

She’s traveled so many places that she can barely keep track! Help her tackle this “problem” creatively with this Scratch Map of the World. When she returns home from each adventure, she’ll think of you as she scratches off her newly completed destination. ($20 MSRP)

Ready for Her Close-Up

Whether she’s climbing a mountain, hiking muddy terrain, or cross country skiing, she still manages to look great in every photo. While traveling gives her a natural glow, chances are, she’s packing a little bit of makeup, too—so she’ll appreciate the Pack-It™ Specter Wallaby by Eagle Creek. This soft, easy-to-clean fabric makes it ideal for keeping her brushes and powders organized, and brighten up her non-travel days. ($38 MSRP)

Bundle Up!

Unless she’s chasing the sun on a three-month trip to the southern hemisphere, she’s going to have to face winter like the rest of us. Give her a way to stay warm without the bulk in this Thermoball Hoodie by The North Face. The synthetic insulation has the warmth equivalent of 600-fill down, so she can keep toasty but stay nimble for any winter activity. ($220 MSRP)

Two Bags in One
Passport: check. Foreign currency: check. A versatile pouch to hold it all? That’s where you come in. Give your practical traveler the Evelyn Pouch by Eagle Creek, so she can stay organized on every adventure. The adjustable shoulder strap can be worn across the body or removed altogether to convert the practical pouch into a chic clutch. ($30 MSRP)

Strike a (Yoga) Pose

When she’s not flying up in the air, she’s turned upside down in the yoga studio. Now she can take her practice anywhere in the world with the Travel Yoga Mat by Lucy. The durable, lightweight mat is easy to pack, making whatever destination she hits up the next perfect spot for a downward dog ($75 MSRP).

Trip Lit

You can barely keep track of which exotic destination she’s headed to next, so choosing the right guidebook is a tricky endeavor. Instead, give her a copy of Go Your Own Way, a collection of essays by female travelers about traveling solo. (Kindle: $9.35, Paperback: $12.19 MSRP).

Caila Ball is a freelance writer and full time travel enthusiast. You can see more of her work at CailaBall.com

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